Watching this Video above brought tears to my eyes, very moving and inspiring.

This is just a young man looking for a job to keep him busy. He lost a job but did not SIT down in self pity. He decided to look for another job. This is a focused, dedicated and hardworking young chap.

He had no means of getting there but was not discouraged. He decided to WALK!! Wow!! Who says some things are impossible when our God said ‘ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE’! The moment he took that bold step, God took control. He sent helpers to him at the point where his own strength was failing.

He then went on to inspire even older people at the age of 20 and his life changed from being a ‘nobody’to be ‘somebody’. With what God blessed him with he did not become selfish. He gave to his old school and they in turn honoured him by setting up a scholarship in his NAME that generations unborn will benefit from and know about WALTER CARR!

My dear Ladies and Gentlemen, there are lessons to be learnt here;

1. Be determined to become somebody in life. No matter how impossible it seems, do not give up. Imagine who you want to be in the future and work towards it.

2. Once you take that bold step, God will guide you in the right direction. When you are in a dark place, God shows up so trust him always.

3. Cultivate the habit of ‘GIVING’. It will surely come back to you a hundred fold. Do not be selfish with whatever you have, use it to build others.

4. Live a purposeful life, do not waste it on frivolous things, you will most likely make mistakes that can mar you for life. Set goals for yourselves and stick to it.

5. Make time for your God that created you. He is the ONLY one that will never leave nor forsake you. Mere mortals will surely disappoint you, trust me. Trust him, talk to him, tell him all what is troubling you. He always comes through for HIS OWN.

Watch this video with an open heart and i am sure there are other lessons to be learnt that i have not mentioned. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Parents too learn from their children, at least i do.

Stay safe, stay focused, stay motivated and let God work through you.

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